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A few years ago, I met a shy and reserved 9 year old boy looking to break into dance.  He did not have much to say and showed extreme lack of confidence.  He began to show me his dance routine and then stopped halfway through as he had forgotten the steps.  He became very upset and started to cry.  I am thankful and humbled that from that day on, I had a part in helping to transform and inspire this young man through the art of dance.  He went on to win best overall dancer in a major competition in Orlando and has performed in front of the nation’s top agencies.  The change that happened in his life was not me, it was dance.  He found his identity through dance and is now  working in the entertainment industry.  Most importantly, he has grown to be an amazing and confident  person.   This is why we do what we do and this is exactly why Dance 2 Inspire exists.  


We continue to receive message after message encouraging us to continue doing what we are doing.  We have watched child after child and teen after teen gain inspiration to become better people through this amazing art form.  We are using dance to reach a hurting generation and letting this art form we love transform lives.  


Currently we are raising funds to provide scholarships that can help more kids experience what dance can do.  Studios can be expensive for families and we do not want that to hold kids back. We want to give to this generation what so many are lacking……a chance.  There is truly nothing like this anywhere and we cannot wait to reach out and see the difference this movement that we have started can make.

Proud Partner of Hip Hop Augusta

CSRA's Got Talent Champions

Best Performing Arts Group 

Apollo Night Champions 


Amateur Series Finalist



Daniel Browning

Stevo Jones 



Baywatch and Baby Driver

Step Up

Stevo's Hip Hop Academy


Amber Clark

Maceo Harrison



Social Media 

Missy Elliot


Juliard Hip Hop Academy

Haikeem Stewart

Arnel Calvario

Parker Howard


Juice Bozeman

Creative Director

Beth Spangler

American Music Abroad

Missy Elliot 





Kaba Modern

Benjamin Lowe

2x National Title Holder 

Unleashed Krew


Hannah Thomas 

David Hector

Mixed Motions Crew

Twisted Elements Crew

Mouthfullofants Crew


Media Specialist



Arizona State 

Georgia College and State

Atlanta Braves

Atlanta Hawks



We have award winning choreographers as a part of our team and have contributed to artists, music videos, and shows across the country.



We are all professional dancers with loads of experience from America's Got Talent to SYTYCD. We have performed behind many artists and have hosted our own conventions.



We have been asked to speak all across the southeast, sharing our story and encouraging many along the way. 








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